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The therapeutic effectiveness of Anusol has been demonstrated, time and time again, over more than 85 years of clinical, and home, use.

And, since it was launched in the UK its current pharmaceutical formulation back in 1932, Anusol remains a unique product to this day.


Anusol formula contains an astringent to help soothe the area and reduce swelling; an antiseptic to reduce the risk of infection; an emollient to help protect sore skin; and a topical corticosteroid to reduce inflammation, redness and itching.


With multiple products formats (including creams, ointments and suppositories) across all pharmaceutical formats (GSL, P, POM) the Anusol portfolio strategically covers all therapeutic needs, consumer preferences and commercial channels.


Anusol Soothing Relief suppositories.pdf

Anusol Soothing Relief ointment.pdf

Anusol Plus HC ointment.pdf

Anusol ointment.pdf

Anusol HC suppositories.pdf

Anusol HC ointment.pdf

Anusol cream.pdf

Anusol Plus HC suppositories.pdf

Anusol suppositories.pdf

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