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Symptoms of Piles

How bad are your piles?

Although the symptoms vary from person to person, the following scale should help you identify how mild or serious your condition is. This is a guide only: if you think you have piles, you should speak with your GP or pharmacist – especially if you've not suffered from piles before.

Mild sufferers

  • Itching and soreness around your bottom
  • A dragging sensation in your back passage
  • Discomfort or pain while you're going to the loo
  • Bright red spots of blood on the toilet paper after you've been to the loo
  • Note: If you're routinely bleeding when you go to the loo we advise you seek medical advice from your GP

Moderate sufferers

  • Occasional sharp pains up your bottom
  • Discomfort sitting down
  • A bulging or lumpy feeling just inside your back passage
  • Lump(s) or swellings protruding from your bottom that can be pushed back inside

More severe sufferers

  • Hard lumps or swellings protruding from your bottom that won't stay tucked inside when pushed back in

If you're experiencing symptoms associated with more severe suffering, you should speak with your GP. They may recommend an alternative treatment, such as PPH, to remove the swellings. Please visit www.allaboutpph.co.uk to find out more about minimally invasive surgical options available to you.

Which treatment is right for you?

Your best option depends on your symptoms, their severity and a few other factors.

 Choosing a treatment 

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